Smart Growth

Economic growth and development are important keys to Newburgh’s future success. When implemented responsibly, such growth will both compliment and preserve our town’s rich history and culture. I believe in balancing economic development opportunities and their immediate rewards with their long term impact on historic and cultural preservation. As a member of the Newburgh Town Council, I consistently work to achieve this goal in the following ways:

  • Collaboration between the community and stakeholders through the gathering of ideas, feedback, and support, creating an inclusive and equitable relationship as well as projects with public support and staying power;
  • Continued development in existing commercial and residential districts, which maximizes investments already made in roads, utilities, and other infrastructure, while ensuring our zoning, regulations, and other policies encourage such redevelopment;
  • Mixed land uses, meaning the development of homes, offices, restaurants, shops, parks, or schools on the same block or even in the same building – an approach proven to bring more people to a neighborhood throughout the day, which in turn supports businesses, improves safety, boosts and stabilizes property values, and enhances the vitality of an area; and
  • Placemaking, which involves the creation of unique, interesting places that reflect the diverse values, culture, and heritage of Newburgh and ideally incorporate natural features, historic structures, and public art, distinguishing our town from others to build a vibrant community for our residents that is attractive to new residents and visitors.